Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

PBDW was asked by the Mellon Foundation to design the renovation of the foundation’s existing property of five brownstones on 62nd Street and to undertake an expansion to include, across their back yards, three additional buildings on 61st Street. An entirely new facility was then designed and provided for within the masonry shells of these three structures.

A key purpose of the expansion program was to create an academic-like campus and a place, or places, where Mellon’s program officers, advisors and research staff could and would meet in a collegial environment. The re-built buildings house facilities for a newly created research entity that includes offices for visiting scholars, research staff and senior and emeriti officers of the corporation. Extensive meeting facilities with backup facilities were provided, as was a major computer installation.

In the five existing buildings we modernized the infrastructure and renovated the offices, meeting areas, and a data and research library while reorganizing the existing circulation to facilitate the important new connection across the extended gardens.


Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


New York, NY

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