Astor Courts

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Astor Courts

Historic restoration honors the intent of the original architect and reveals the spirit of the original architecture. In the case of Astor Courts, a 20,000 sf casino by Stanford White for John Jacob Astor IV, the original spirit and intent intersect in a structure that was designed for pure pleasure. Within an enclosure modeled on the Grand Trianon in Versailles, White accommodated a tennis court, swimming pool, and two squash courts, as well as entertainment spaces and bedrooms for Astor’s weekend guests.

Since its construction in 1902 the building has served for periods as a nursing home and a convent, as well as a weekend retreat. PBDW rehabilitated the physical structure, systems, and finishes, while restoring Astor’s playhouse as an active center of social life in the Hudson River Valley. We reprogrammed the structure to work as a single family residence, with more private zones for family and guests, and a more public zone that included the indoor tennis court and indoor pool. We also added a new kitchen and recreated the spirit of the original bathrooms with new fixtures and finishes.


Astor Courts


Rhinebeck, NY

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Excellence in Historic Preservation Award, Preservation League of New York State, 2009

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