Residence of an Ambassador to the United Nations

  • Fabbri Mansion, 1900

residential & preservation

Residence of an Ambassador to the United Nations

PBDW’s restoration of the Fabbri Mansion in Manhattan’s Upper East Side Historic District repurposes the Gilded Age Mansion as the Residence of an Ambassador to the United Nations, a use combining ceremony and home life at a standard remarkably close to the one for which the house was originally designed, in 1900, for a granddaughter of William Henry Vanderbilt.

When purchased by the Embassy, the house was remarkable for the degree to which its original interiors survived intact not just in their decorative finishes but in their fixtures and equipment, with coal still in the bunkers and historic tubs, sinks, traps and faucets still in the bathrooms. The restoration refit and lightened up the intense and overwhelming surviving decoration to make the house suitably represent one of the leading modern nations of the globe.



New York, NY

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Restoration Awards, Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, 2003