Wainscott Residence


Wainscott Residence

The setting for this four-bedroom house was an open lot measuring 0.86 acres, a constraint offset by its location within a private homeowners’ association, a site bordered by protected agricultural land, and a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our design respects the traditional program, domestic imagery, and spatial hierarchies of vacation houses on the Eastern seaboard with a few twists. Flood plain regulations required the first floor to be set no lower than five feet above existing grade and prohibited a basement. We elevated the grade around the house and designed the garage as a barn with attic storage, which required a variance from the local Zoning Board. The oversized porch is the setting for seasonal activities rain or shine while the upstairs hall and its private balcony suggest a variety of uses from reading and jigsaw puzzles to morning coffee and star gazing. The project represented a collaboration of professionals. PBDW was responsible for the architecture; Tom Scheerer provided the interior decoration while Perry Guillot directed the landscaping.

The bunkroom, which is expressed on the elevations as a fragment, immediately became the most popular guest room in the house, in part because it was the only one. The owners are addressing the unintended consequences of building a welcoming family house with the addition of another guest bedroom, currently in design.


Wainscott, NY

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