Park Avenue Armory

New York, NY | 209,000 SF | Ongoing

Built in 1880 as both a military and a social club, the Seventh Regiment Armory houses a rare collection of significant period rooms designed by the most prominent artists and designers of their time. Since 2006, PBDW has worked closely with the Park Avenue Armory Conservancy, the organization overseeing the renovation and operation of the building, as they have grown from a small group of concerned visionaries into one of New York’s most vibrant cultural institutions.

PBDW was chosen as a partner in this endeavor because of our expertise in preservation and complex renovations. We have crafted the careful integration of modern technology and infrastructure required to transform the space’s unique environs into world-class arts and performance venues. Our intimate knowledge of the building, prior renovations, and the long-term plan allows the Park Avenue Armory (PAA) to keep its renovation strategy fluid and flexible. We work collaboratively with the PAA to define and refine each new project phase to best meet their evolving growth and programming objectives and to mesh harmoniously with existing systems and construction.

Throughout our time working with the PAA, we have collaborated with design consultant Herzog & deMeuron to develop restoration solutions that honor the intent of the Armory’s original designers while also expressing the changes that have occurred in the building over time. To date, we have renovated approximately 50% of the building, including restoring the facades on Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue; installing new electrical and HVAC plants; installing new mechanical and circulation cores; and renovating offices, Company Rooms D & E, the Drill Hall, the Board of Officers Room, and the Veterans Room.