Riverdale Country School

Bronx, NY | 50,100 SF (total) | 2018

Riverdale Country School is a pre-K through 12th grade independent school sitting upon 19.5 acres and serving 1,170 students. PBDW was commissioned to re-organize the Hill Campus’s existing Marc A. Zambetti Athletic Center, design a new Aquatic Center and maximize the functionality of the School’s existing student center. We initially explored the possibilities of these and other design improvements through a master planning exercise. These explorations expanded the program to include a new elevator, internal stair connections, and reconfigured lobbies for both the Student Center and the Varsity Gym.

Our design for the new façade of the Zambetti building introduced formal and material enhancements which informed our treatment and design of the new Aquatic Center. We carefully considered the relationship of the existing Zambetti building to the intended site of the PBDW-designed Aquatic Center and chose to unify these expressions strengthening their architectural dialogue and solidifying their presence on the hillside overlooking the Frank J. Bertino Memorial Field. The result is a beautifully resolved, cohesive athletics campus.