green-wood, Fort Hamilton gatehouse

Brooklyn, NY | 2,700 SF | 2014

Given its expanse of 478 acres, Green-Wood has two entries in addition to the main entry with its Gothic Revival Richard Upjohn brownstone entry gates. The 1876 Caretaker’s Residence and Visitor’s Cottage are located at the Fort Hamilton Parkway entrance. Designed by Richard M. Upjohn, they are excellent examples of the High Victorian Gothic style. Clad in carved Belleville brownstone like the main entry gate, the two buildings are capped with steeply pitched slate roofs with copper trim, and feature ornate carved wood dormers and porches.

Our scope of work focused on the restoration of the roofs and woodwork, and was based on Green-Wood’s treasure trove of historic images. New slate was installed throughout, with copper flashings and decorative gutters and leaders. We restored the wood dormers and installed new wood windows. We also used remnants of the original materials to recreate cast iron cresting for the roof ridges, each having its own unique dimensions, and also recreated a a missing widow’s walk railing. Lastly, our team applied a period-appropriate paint scheme to enliven the restored porches and dormers. The buildings now function as a Visitor’s Lounge and an Artist in Residence space.


  • Lucy G. Moses Award, New York Landmarks Conservancy, 2014