19 East 72nd Street

New York, NY | 1,600 SF | 2012

19 East 72nd Street is one of Manhattan’s premier residential buildings, designed by Rosario Candela and Mott B. Schmidt in 1937. The original design, which reflected Art Deco-inspired public spaces and the eclectic mix of Candela and Schmidt, included façade and garden sculptures by C. Paul Jennewein. Overtime, the lobby underwent renovations that stripped the space of its original design and integrity. Original wall and ceiling finishes were covered, and most of the lighting and furniture replaced. PBDW was asked to complete a renovation that would return the lobby to its historic appearance, with the goal of restoring the space while keeping it functional.

Using archival black-and-white photos, as well as descriptions and conservation analyses, our team created a plan to return the space to its original splendor. We replicated original glazed finishes using a combination of microscopic analysis and archival photos. Using these photos, we also recreated original light fixtures, now powered by new technology, and added new lighting at the main entrance exterior and garden to highlight the sculpture by C. Paul Jennewein. Finally, we restored original furniture and fabricated new pieces to match those shown in the archival photographs. Ultimately, the renovation restored the rooms to their original lighter and brighter character.