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Park Avenue Armory,
Company Rooms

New York, NY | 2,500 SF | 2011

PBDW has been working with the Park Avenue Armory since 2006 to bring it back to life as a vibrant new visual and performing arts venue, completing numerous projects in staged phases. The restoration of Company Rooms D & E was a pilot project to test our proposed renovation methodology and to work through proposed thematic approaches to the restoration of lighting and finishes that would be applied to subsequent rooms. The goals of this project were to integrate new HVAC, electrical, lighting, and A/V infrastructure into this important historic interior to meet strict acoustic requirements, as well as rehabilitate the room’s aged finishes, lighting, and remedy extensive damage to decorative plaster and painted surfaces. The success of this project was critical, as the Armory planned to use it as an example to showcase the team’s capabilities, and demonstrate to prospective donors the value the restoration could bring to the institution.

In completing this project, our team employed a number of technical and artistic solutions that have been utilized in subsequent projects at the Armory. These include the use of tracery to integrate original and restored decorative wall finishes, acoustic treatment of floor, window, and ceiling construction, and the integration of hidden ductwork into millwork elements. We also established a palette of new lighting elements that harmonized with existing lighting and finishes. Finally, we integrated theatrical “strong points” and wiring to increase the Company Rooms’ flexibility for a variety of art installations. Today, Company Rooms D & E serve the Armory’s artists-in-residence.