Broadway + 110

New York, NY | 150,000 SF | 2007

PBDW was given the opportunity to design a high-end residential condominium building in Morningside Heights on the corner of Broadway and 110th Street. The client sought a compelling façade design within the constraints of an as-of-right zoning envelope that would accommodate residential, retail, and parking garage functions at ground level. One of the key challenges was the shallow and sub-standard lot depth. The project also posed geotechnical challenges, requiring deep rock excavation for the parking garage immediately adjacent to the Broadway subway station and tunnel.

What emerged from these constraints was a condominium complex that introduced 98 new bedroom units into a sunny corner with views of Riverside Park and the Hudson River. Our design embraced the as-of-right zoning form using a precast concrete expression on the lower levels and curtainwall expression on the set back upper levels. The design is knitted together using concrete balconies on the curtainwall areas and window-wall and other metal details in the precast concrete areas.